Membership in the Alliance

The Alliance has three membership groups.

Founding Fellows are members who have stepped forward to help found the Alliance and to engage in its initial organizational development. Founding Fellows are requested to pay membership dues of $250.00 per year and to advance their first four years of membership.

Leadership Fellows are members who have been inducted by the Board of Directors of the Alliance. Leadership Fellows are experienced leaders who are graduates of major leadership programs around the world. Leadership Fellows are asked to pay membership dues of $100.00 per year.

Members of the Alliance have applied for membership and are actively engaged in one or more of the Alliance’s leadership development programs. They may apply to the Board to be recognized as Leadership Fellows or Founding Fellows based on their education and experience. Members of the Alliance are asked to remain active in one or more leadership programs operated by the Alliance.

All members of the Alliance agree to live by its Working Statement of Values and Ethics (available at this link).