Working* Statement of Core Values and Shared Ethical Standards for Leaders

*This statement is subject to ongoing revision and development by the members of the Alliance community.

Our Core Values Include:


Shared Ethical Standards

Members of the Alliance commit to:

  1. Practice integrity
    • by working sincerely to understand and communicate what they believe is the truth.
    • by keeping promises and following through on commitments.
    • through mindfulness of, and full disclosure of, self-interest in connection with leadership activities.
    • by avoiding conflicts of interest in connection with leadership activities.
  2. Treat others with benevolence, empathy and compassion, with respect and concern for their best interests from their perspectives.
  3. Uphold the value of equity.
  4. Work toward equitable and sustainable human flourishing.*
  5. Practice nonviolence and work to resolve differences through respectful dialogue that promotes understanding and builds community.
  6. Serve with creativity and passion for the common good.


* “Equity and Equitable” refers to a specific commitment to racial equity and also broadly in pursuit of fairness, with compassion and empathy for others, taking into account their welfare from their perspective within the context of building a society that promotes liberty and justice for all. The commitment to equity includes:

  1. Rejection of the idea that there is, or should be, a hierarchy of human value, or a justified difference in the opportunity to flourish, premised on perceived differences in skin, hair or eye color or any other perceived differences in origin, identity or physical appearance among human beings.
  2. Consciousness of, and willingness now to account for, past and present disadvantage in flourishing suffered because of perceived differences in skin, hair or eye color or any other perceived difference in origin, identity or physical appearance that has caused such disadvantage.
  3. Commitment to work toward universal, sustainable human flourishing in which people of all faiths, ethnicities, cultures, income groups, gender identities and sexual orientations, and national and geographic origins have equal opportunities to flourish irrespective of perceived differences in skin, hair or eye color or any other perceived differences in origin, identity or physical appearance.

“Sustainability and Sustainable” refers to concern, attention and foresight regarding potential unintended consequences that may undermine the social and natural systems that support human life in balance with all life on earth as interconnected communities of living systems evolving into the future. This value means to signify awareness of stewardship of living systems with attention to biodiversity and ecology.

Human flourishing is defined as an effort to achieve equitable and sustainable self-actualization and fulfillment within the context of a larger community of individuals, each with the right to pursue such efforts. It encompasses the uniqueness, dignity, diversity, freedom, happiness, and holistic well-being of the individual within the larger family, community, and population.

The Alliance shares the above statement pursuant to a Creative Commons License by Attribution.