Talk That Walks
Talk That Walks
The Climate Crisis, Balancing Progress and Justice

Today’s conversation is about the current state of the climate crisis and effective actions to address it, with a special focus on balancing carbon reduction with justice and equity for communities most impacted by climate change. This episode features Daniel Katz (moderator), founder of the Rainforest Alliance and lead environmental advisor to the Overbrook Foundation. Daniel is also a Kellogg Foundation National Leadership Fellow. Panelists include Esther Sosa, Climate Policy Analyst and Renewable Energy Expert, Aspen Institute, and Shantell Bingham, Organizing Director, Climate Justice Alliance.

Talk That Walks convenes frontline leaders at the critical place where thought becomes change. The leaders in today’s dialogue inhabit that vitally important transition point where experience and insight take flight as impactful action.

We want to thank the Americana Foundation for supporting today’s conversation.

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